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Reflections By Tracy Photography has an indoor studio and outdoor studio locations for our portraits. We have everything from the traditional backgrounds to a fully landscaped 20x40 foot waterfall. We have Italian walls and machinery. We have beaches, boat docks, arches, and Mediterranean ruins.

Whatever you fancy, from plain to sophisticated, from unusual to elegant, we have a look for you. Our portraits are meant to pull some emotion from you. Sweet, devilish, shy, or adorable, we capture it all.

capturing childhood before its gone

kid's club program

This kid's club program is designed to see the growth of your child from newborn to age 6. In the first year, your child should be photographed every 3 months. You will be surprised to see the difference only 3 months makes. Each year after that, a birthday portrait is essential.

Your membership will begin at the point in which you enroll your child. Here's what is included in the membership:

Each time you come in for an additional session you pay the discounted $50.00 sitting fee. This includes 2 outfits with 15 total exposures taken. You also will receive 15% off of your entire order.

Additional family members can be photographed at the same time as the enrolled child at no additional charge. However, unless an additional portrait session is purchase, only 15 exposures will be taken. And again, only poses of the enrolled member alone will be eligible for the 15% discount.

These albums are designed for the procrastinators in all of us. Simply bring us you album every time you want new photos inserted. This is a great way to make beautiful memories for yourself and you children (and save money too!)

Any portraits that you want put into your album that were not photographed by Reflections By Tracy Photography can be put in your album for a cost of $5.00 per insert.


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